"Living An Amazing Life is a Choice you Make Every Day!"
  • "Life is to be Lived, Live it to the Fullest!"
  • "Everyday is a Day to Enjoy!"



By Way of Introduction!

"Life is good when you live it one day at a time!"



 I'm T.P. McAtamney and I'm the author the book Stress and the 911 Dispatcher - Surviving the Console, from which I taught from Critical Incident Stress Management, Interpersonal Communication Skills to 911 Dispatchers around the USA for over ten years.   Formerly our company was called, Headsets911, and now we're T.P. McAtamney.  Same instruction is available except now for a wider audience.

Currently I'm writing a new book coming out in October of 2016 called, "My Waffles are Cold - A Man's Guide to Abusive Women", which provides help to men on how to survive and thrive after abusive relationships.  You can visit our Facebook page here, for a sample of what's to come.

In my work I teach people that having negative thoughts produces negative feelings which in turn produces negative behaviors.   Many times we are our own worst enemy when it comes to how we deal with life, and my hope is to change that and help you begin to reign in life instead of letting life "rain" on you. 

Again, I welcome you to the journey, I invite you to join the conversation by sending us an email, or if you have any questions.


Stress is more than just a "feeling".

Dealing with negative thinking.

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