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Training and Seminars

While we suggest qualified therapy for those who have suffered abuse, there is also the importance of peer-counseling, that is learning from those who have been down the same path.  In the future we are planning to host seminars to those who have experienced an abusive relationship and even those still in one, to help them successfully cope with and heal from the experience. 

Narcissisim and other Disorders

Narcissism is only one of the disorders people find in abusive relationships.  Sometimes there is confusion about which disorder is being dealt with.  Disorders are diagnosed only by a qualified mental health practioner, however this doesn't mean one can't look at symptoms and signs and know what they are dealing with.  This training will help identify which one, and what is the best way to move forward.

Codependency, breaking the bonds that tie us to the abuser.

In just about every abusive relationship the victim is normally codependent or has a few traits of codependency.  Codependency is the bait for the abuser, it's what attracts them to you.  Codependency starts in early childhood, usually from growing up in a dysfunctional home, and is carried through life.  Codependency can be treated and the prognosis is good that the former codependent can go on in life more impowered and happy than they've ever been.

No Contact and protecting yourself from further harm.

The only way to escape an abuser is to go NO CONTACT.  Yet there is much confusion on just what no contact is and how it is done.  No contact is just about impossible to obtain if the victim is still codependent so we recommend Codependency Awareness and Training (CAT) before attempting it, unless there is threat of physical violence.  This training will also cover the law, restraining orders, and other legal means to separate from the abuser - safely and completely.

What is a REAL Relationship and what is a FALSE relationship.

Abuse isn't love, yet victims are often confused that it is.  Many victims have never experienced a real loving relationship and so have trouble understanding just what that is.  This seminar will explore what a true, loving relationship is and more important what it isn't.